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A High Society Blog for All the Yachtsmen in Your Life


A high society blog for all the Yachtsmen in your life!

Whether it’s work, your family cottage retreat, your family's homestead, or you happened upon it in your travels, the 1000 Islands are a hidden gem that anyone is lucky to experience. Like anything in life, each of us has our own way of feeling connected, our individual fingerprint of offerings that draws us toward something that excites us and makes us fall in love. For some, it is simply the natural beauty of the islands and the granite landscape that forms them. For others, it is a collection of childhood memories that root them to the area. For me, it’s what I refer to as, "The magic of the 1000 Islands." If you take the time to explore, you'll find hints of a gilded past that remain to this day. The glamour and luxurious lifestyles of a lost era whisper through cottages, castles, and private country clubs. Ancestors and their stories are carefully preserved and passed on, keeping the magic alive. Dockside Living was inspired by that lifestyle, and it is what continues to feed the passion behind our choice of offerings.

We decided to share some of our findings with all of you, in hopes that for some, it is a glimpse of a lifestyle that might be the stepping stone to falling as deeply in love with the 1000 Islands as we have.


Tall Ships Landing Coastal Resort offers you the best recreational waterfront lifestyle in all of Canada. Experience the marina, clubhouse, fitness centre and pools, restaurant, specialty shop, Aquatarium, boutique vacation suites and guest rooms.




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Brockville, Ontario, K6V 0C4


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