Privacy Policy

The 1000 Islands Shoppe Inc. (“Dockside Living”) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customer’s personal information. Consequently, we have developed policies and procedures to ensure our compliance with privacy legislation currently in force in Canada. The purpose of this privacy policy is to outline the steps we take to keep your personal information confidential, to inform you about the manner in which we collect, use and disclose your personal information, and to provide you with Dockside Living contact information should you have questions or concerns about our personal information protection practices.


What information does Dockside Living collect?


Dockside Living maintains a detailed record of the purchases that you have made with our company. Should you shop with Dockside Living either in-store or on-line, we will store any information that you provide to us that will be relevant to supporting your purchasing needs including your personal contact information. Dockside Living will only collect personal information that you have voluntarily provided to us. We may also collect personal information from you when you make on-line purchases including your name, e-mail and postal addresses, phone number(s), encrypted credit card information, and product interest information.


Why does Dockside Living collect your personal information?

  • To ensure that your personal purchasing needs are looked after.

  • To improve service delivery. By maintaining detailed records of your previous purchases, and by recording lifestyle information about you, we gain a better understanding of your personal preferences and are better able to personalize your shopping experience each and every time you visit or contact our store. Similarly, it allows us to guide potential gift givers in the right direction in terms of your style, size and other preferences. Please know however that we will not disclose any specific personal information including information about your personal purchase history to a potential gift giver or any third party without your consent.

  • To process your on-line orders and to answer questions regarding the status of such orders.

  • To keep you informed about Dockside Living events and promotional opportunities.

  • During a visit to our Dockside Living store, you may be asked for your personal contact information or other lifestyle information pertinent to your shopping preferences and habits. This information may be keyed into our customer database and is stored with your purchase history information.


The Disclosure of Personal Information


Dockside Living will not sell or disclose to third parties any personal information we collect, except as described herein or as you otherwise consent. In the normal course of business Dockside Living may disclose some information with our service providers and suppliers, such as home address information to our mailing house or third-party systems support specialists who are contracted to keep our systems operational. Each of our service providers and suppliers are contractually bound to protect the confidentiality of our customer information and may only use such information for the purposes of performing services on our behalf. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us by email.


In addition, only when required by law, we must provide your personal information in response to a search warrant or other legally valid enquiry or order, or to an investigative body in the case of a breach of an agreement or contravention of law, or as otherwise required by law. We may also disclose personal information to assist us in collecting a debt owed by you to Dockside Living.


Are there cameras in place in the stores? If so, how are they used?


For security, safety and liability purposes we use cameras in our store location. Information recorded by such cameras is retained for a short period unless needed in connection with an investigation. By visiting our store, you consent to our use of such cameras and the recording of your information. Video evidence will only be provided to the authorities when a criminal offense has been committed or we have reasonable grounds to believe a crime has been committed.